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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 13, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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took this yuck girl p. life. >> our focus has changed from a search for jessica to a mission of justice for jessica. >> investigators need help. in ins what they are asking you to do. and from serving on the frontlines overseas to serving right here in the usa. how these veterans are the same heros just in a different fox news america's news headquarters i'm harris faulkner. round two between the two men who want to lead the nation on this saturday. governor romney and president obama spending time gearing up for their second debate. that will be tuesday night at hofstra university in new york. president obama tonight is in virginia. more on him in a moment. we begin with governor romney in ohio at this hour focusing on that important swing state.
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ohio with 18 electoral votes. crucial if the governor wants to win next month. you may have heard by now no republican has ever won the white house without taking ohio. governor romney began his day in the buckeye state with debate preparation before attending a pair of rallies where he continued to fire up supporters appearing to still build on the success and momentum he accomplished at the first presidential debate. here he is from just about an hour ago. >> i love america. i believe in america. i believe in you. i believe we are coming back. but i need your help as well. i need you to vote. i need you to get other people vote from barack obama to come join our team. if we get ohio we will be able to take back america and keep it strong. >> campaign carl cameron begins our live coverage tonight on the trail with team romney in ohio. governor romney today focusing on trade in ohio. >> reporter: that's right,
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harris. literally on the trail tonight as we are on i-75 on the romney bus. you can see the motorcade as we head towards dayton wrapping up this day in the buckeye state. ohio is critical for mr. romney and he knows that he needs to win it here. he stopped in lebanon ohio just a little while ago. and went by a hotel owned by his debate sparring partner rob port mapp. the golding lamb. historic hotel. 12 liz presidents hav12 presidd there. rallies each time talking about obama and beating up for are not cracking down on china's trade practices. as aggressively as mr. romney promises he would. he drove that point home. paul ryan on the campaign trail in ohio as well today. the romney-ryan ticket has been spending more time in ohio than in the country. here is a little bit from governor romney at his last event. thehis president on friday the
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administration was to put out hasanswer to the question chas china manipulated their currency or not. they were supposed to designate that on friday. they said we will not do that. we will wait until after the election to do that. seven times so far they passed the buck on that. i'm not going to pass that off. on day one i will label china a currency manipulator and get serious about making sure that people don't cheat when it comes to trade. >> reporter: the obama administration asserted that doing such tough crackdowns on china could lead to a trade war of the fastest growing economy in the word and they said that mr. romney hasn't been entirely pure when it comes to doing business with china himself in his private life and private business experience. the romney campaign says it is all excuses and time for the u.s. government to stop putting up with china's trade practices and currency manipulation and
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romney says he would take steps on day one to correct that practice. >> the debate coming up quickly. right off the top we showed viewers governor romney in ohio from early talking about success and alluding to how much fun he had on the first presidential debate. now, a couple of days away from the next one and i understand he will be off the trail preparing for that. what else? >> reporter: that's right. talking about the debate last week has been one of his biggest rallying cries in front of big crowds ever since it happened. seems to have been a big huge momentum boost for mr. romney. he did debate prep with his senior strategist and rob portman today. tomorrow he will be doing a lot of work with his team. they recognize because this s a town hall meeting and they will take questions from the public it is an opportunity for them to really connect with real voters as opposed to taking questions from the press. mr. romney down on monday as well for additional debate prep. a sign of just how important this is for him. they consider is a pivotal opportunity and to make the point that because the
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president had such a poor review and by his own admission don't have a good performance in the last debate the onus is on the president. if he doesn't show a strong performance the romney campaign momentum will only build. >> the words on the screen say carl cameron is on the trail and we can see the trail right out of the back of the bus. good to see you, thank you. >> i mentioned president obama is in williamsburg virginia tonight. he is also preparing to face governor romney on tuesday night. part of his practice includes mock exchanges with massachusetts senator john kerry who is playing the role of governor romney. chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the the president. it sounded like some democrats think the vice president did a better job in his debate than the president. >> reporter: no doubt about it, harris. and there is fear in the obama camp that they are running out of time to sort of change the narrative on all of that.
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they are still confident the president can turn that momentum around. and you are right, vice president biden got some rave reviews from democrats in terms of making the case for the president's policies. the president is now holed up here at the kings mill resort in williamsburg virginia. it is a battleground state and enables him to sort of keep his name out here and get local media coverage in the critical state of virginia but also he is sort of holed up trying to make sure that he does the homework and gets ready for the second debate. take a listen to how jay carney yesterday described vice president biden's performance in thursday night's debate against paul ryan. take a listen now. >> i took extreme pleasure in watching the debate last night because of the way that he demonstrated his passion and his wisdom and the joy that he brings to the job of serving the american people as vice president and of working with this president to bring about
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positive change for the middle class and for this country. >> reporter: what is significant about that is you hear jay carney going on and on about the passion and joy that vice president biden brought to his performance. democrats in private have been imploring the president to bring that kind of passion and zip on tuesday night at hofstra. that is the pressure on him is to do just that, harris. >> even the president himself alluded to the fact that there is things he wants to do differently. how will he do that? what will it look like? >> reporter: you can expect him to be a bit mor more aggressivd maybe go after mitt romney's private business career as karl mentioned more than the president did the first time around. spoke to one of of the president's spokespeople earlier and she said governor romney has been making pitch pitches all of his life and he knows how to say what people want to hear whether that was during his time at bain or during the dozens of time halls
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in the primary. what is significant is the word bain mentioned in there. a word that the president never brought up in the debate much to the chagrin of democrats. they would like to see a sharper contrast and him bring subjects like that up tuesday night, harris. >> we have seen for the romney ryan ticket stars like kid rock take the stage in michigan and i understand the president is also going to bring out big names to fire up his base. >> bubba and bruce i guess. former president bill clinton and bruce springsteen. in the critical state of ohio. significant of course, because of a number of reason. politically shows while the president has been up in the polls in ohio they are feeling the heat in what republicans have been calling mitt-mentum. watching the polls fire up in
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ohio. and, of course, you remember when he himself was running for president in 1992, bill clinton took ought the saxophone. see whether or not he does that with bruce springsteen. >> i will follow you on twitter and watch for that. thank you very much. you can watch the next presidential debate right here on fox news channel. bret baier and ma megyn kelly. the white house getting blasted in a letter now from former cia director general michael haydn and former homeland security secretary michael chertoff. also tonight a senate committee now says itle investigate the attack on september 11th that killed u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans there. that will look into the circumstances before during and
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after our people were murdered. molly henneberg with the news now in washington. first to the letter, the white house has gotten from the the former cia director. what is in it? >> they say they are "disappointed" by what vice president joe biden said at the debate when was asked why the obama administration said the libya attack was the result of a protest turning violent. here is what the vice president said. >> why did that go on that week? >> said exactly what we were told by the intelligence community. the intelligence community told us that as they learned more facts about exactly what happened they cnge their assessment. >> general hayden and former secretary chertoff take issue with that and say in a statement that "it is clear that any failure was not on the part of the intelligence community but on the part of white house decisionmakers who should have listened to and acted on available intelligence." the white house counters that the administration had "no actionable intelligence
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suggesting there would be an attack at that benghazi, libya facility." harris? >> among the growing criticisms for the white house one republican member of congress says the white house should have known our facilities in libya needed more security. >> utah representative jason chaffis was responding to vice president biden's comment that he biden was not aware of any extra requests for security in libya. he said the obama administration knew that libya was not stable and that the benghazi consulate had been targeted previously and should have done something about it. >> a good president, good leadership should be saying my goodness we were bombed in libya twice, what are we doing to improve security there. not just sit back and wait and see. >> white house spokesman jay carney says decisions about security personnel at embassy facilities are handled by the state department, not the white
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house. harris? >> now, more on libya tonight on "justice" with judge jeanine in an ex-be clue suv interview with pat smith, the mother of shaun smith a state department official murdered in libya. smith wants answers from the obama administration about her son's death. is tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern right after huckabee. right now watching for a threat of twisters that will come along potentially with severe weather that is already sitting several states at this hour. and word conditions could rapidly deteriorate as the night goes on. we will go live to the fox extreme weather center coming up. and what did you think of vice president joe he biden laughing and grinning while congressman paul ryan was speaking during the presidential debate. reaction from the man who used to hold the job and knows a thing or two about debates, former vice president dick cheney. are stay close.
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fox weather alert. tornado threat just one concern as a system wattles down on the heartland. maria is in the fox weather center. >> harris, good to see you. you're right. not just tornadoes but large hail and damaging wind gusts. some of the reports we just received from the storm prediction center. jefferson county in oklahoma already 80-mile per hour winds. haskell county in texas has seen winds and also hail. winds up to 60 miles per hour there. in jackson county, oklahoma reports of power lines down due you to the strong winds associated with the storms. stretching across missouri no the great lakes and further across the south across parts of oklahoma and also is into texas. we just had a brand new tornado watch issue ared for eastern parts of of course, southwestern parts of missouri and northwestern portions of the state of arkansas. is in effect until midnight local times. a big concern is that we will have the possible tornadoes touching down here across parts is of the nation's mid section during the overnight hours when
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it is very difficult to see. so you are not going to be able to see a tornado approaching the area so take the warnings seriously. right now just two tornado watches. that one that we just mentioned and another further off to the west in effect until 9:00 p.m. local time across central oklahoma and north central portions of texas. also the concern for large hail and damaging wind gusts. number of severe thunderstorm watches in effect across kansas and texas along with several severe thunderstorm watches. currently no tornado warnings in effect but the possibility is still there later on this hour into the overnight hours. as we head to tomorrow the storm heads eastbound so more severe are weather possible across portions of ohio into northern parts of mississippi with large hails, damaging winds and yet again tornadoes also possible. >> this seems late in the season to some of us but it is really not. still the season for this. >> during the spring you see one peak of severe weather and during the fall when we get the cold air down from canada
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interacting with the warm air left from sum is per and when the two air masses crash you get the strong storms. >> we will check back as the news warrants on this. thank you. >> thanks. >> another person has died from the deadly meningitis outbreak linked to tainted vials is of steroid injectionions. the latest victim in indiana. the total number of cases now rising to 197. the outbreak has turned into a major health scare as you might imagine after a mass company shipped vials of a common pain killer that may have been tainted to clinics in 23 different states. deaths in six but a far wide reaching air aria that the cdc is concerned about and thousands of people in the states could be affected we are told. the legal fight may only be just beginning. a minnesota woman who claims she received one of the injections for her back pain is now suing the manufacturer. well, they have already started a war online. a through report detailing how hackers tied to iran have targeted u.s. websites and now
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iran is behind a growing wave of cyber attacks against american targets including banks and energy companies. this new report citeds u.s. officials who say recent cyber attacks bear the signatures that allow them to be traced directly to the iranian government. most of the cyber hits which began shortly after sanctions
7:24 pm
were announced against iran have been low level denial of service attacks which essentially shut down a particular website. defense officials have considered iran a second tier cyber power for years but they are now debating weather iran has the capability to hit our financial system. all this coming as defense secretary leon panetta issued a warning about cyber security in the country and warned by a "cyber pearl harbor" saying the u.s. is becoming increasingly vulnerable to foreign attackers who could disable our power grids or transportation or even our money system. greene and blue attacks when individuals wearing afghan military or police uniforms turn their guns on u.s. and nato troops. fox news senior military analyst lieutenant colonel oliver north streaming live
7:25 pm
from helmund province in afghanistan. what are you seeing where you are? >> that i tow commanders say that the recent green on blue attacks have failed to drive a wedge between u.s. and afghan troops. before coming here to helmund province we went to their special police training center to see for ourselves. those are afghan special police at the nato training is center. they are hand picked police officers sent here for advanced training to master skills necessary to protect the afghan people from the taliban. training here is conducted by nato special operators and experienced american law officers. this year, 600 graduates will return to their units proficient in hand to hand
7:26 pm
combat, live fire qualification on every weapon in their arsenal, patrolling, live fire close quarter battle with one mentor called fish, "fighting in someone's house." the goal, afghan police forces around the country that are come be tent, committed and capable of standing on their own. harris, we are now you with third battalion 8th marines at ford operating base in helmand province. the task has been made more dangerous by all the date certain and exit strategy talk from the white house but the soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen and marines here are getting the job done. they can come home knowing they
7:27 pm
made this a safer place. back to you in new york, harris. >> colonel north, thank you very much. see how one campaign is responding to early voting in a swing state. and former vice president dick cheney weighing in it on the vice presidential debate. what he is saying about his successor's perfor performancee one and only debate between the two men. also, they are considered their city's bravest. the common path some of these firefighters share. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race.
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this is the fox report. bottom of the hour time for the top of the news. an early voting mistake that could have a huge impact on a key swing state. the state of wisconsin which is home to vice presidential nominee he paul ryan has you may know has admitted it botched early voting for members of our military and voters living overseas. state officials saying several municipalities failed to send out absentee ballots on time, potentially affecting the ability of servicemen and women to vote. the romney campaign is taking action and also keeping an eye on election boards in other states and asking officials in mississippi and vermont to extend deadlines for receiving
7:32 pm
ballots from military and overseas voters. >> the romney campaign is doing wisconsin because they say it is not fair the state didn't send ballots to dozens of americans living overseas including military personnel at least 45 days before the election like they are supposed to and team romney claims they are out to defend those folks voting rights alleging "members of the military are often stationed in remote dangerous locations there is a likelihood that the violations of law will prevent military voters from receiving completing and returning their ballots in time to have them counted." is not sitting well with republicans is in wisconsin its unacceptable they might be denied the opportunity to choose their next commander in chief. >> the government accountability board in wisconsin says the problem is isolated and they have done their best to fix it.
7:33 pm
>> we have 26 of the 1851 local clerks who missed the deadlines but we a number of redundancies built into the system so we know all of the voters got their ballots in a timely manner to mark them so they can be counted. >> an election tronic transmission helped get the ballots out quickly so now the responsibility rests with voters to get ballots sent in on time. the romney campaign are eyeing similar suits elsewhere with the spokesman saying "nothing imminent but we are monitoring other states." all this breaking with 24 days to go in a very tight race. harris? >> i know. very, very tight. very close. peter, thank you. former vice president dick cheney with some comments about his successor vice president joe biden following this week's is v.p. debate. in an interview last night with sean hannity vice president cheney reacted to what he saw during the debate which included if you were watching vice president biden
7:34 pm
interrupting congressman paul ryan and laughing repetedly with him at times. he also said vice president biden who is one step away from the presidency is not the type it of person he would like to see in the white house. >> i was disturbed by it. i have a specific set of requirements i am interested in when i look at a prospective press and that is what the vice president is. that's the ability to step in in a moment's notice and take over. and you want somebody calm, cool and collected who asks questions, who seeks good information. >> vice president chain any also saying at one point vice president biden having a volatile personality but saying he does like him personally, however. of 31 new recruits near early all of military veterans who is served in iraq or afghanistan. their new careers are thanks in part to a grant that helps pair hiring businesses with our returning veterans looking for
7:35 pm
work. anna joins me now. marking a moment in history. >> certainly s, hey rice. for the first time since world war ii nearly the entire firefighter class in newark, new jersey, is veterans. 28 out of 31. the city received a $7.1 million grant that makes recruiting and hiring veterans a priority. >> singing our national anthem home of the brave we have to create a home for our brave. that means jobs, housing, an opportunity to show the heroism overseas but come back and serve with the same courage and valor. this is tremendous. >> the gi go fund helped with recruitment. job searching is just one of the many struggles they experience while putting their lives back together. >> suicide rate is very high so due to the economic constraints they may have so having such a personnel behind us trying to fighting for us to get this job is amazing just to know that there are people out there
7:36 pm
fighting to make sure that we have a job when we return and to help us out along our careers. >> the thing that is really exciting for me is this is exactly what it should look like for a veteran to come back home. this is what every veteran should see when they come back home. >> and here is why this is so key. last month the unemployment rate was 9.7% for veterans of the wars in iraq and afghanistan compared to the national average of 7.8%. >> so they are trying to make a dent in that unemployment. i got to tell you, seems like a really good fit to have the heros come home and be firefighters. any other states watching, new jersey's plan and going to do their own system like this? >> new york already and washington state and massachusetts give veterans preference in the exams and the boston fire department recruited veterans this year. a bill nationally for veterans is current laystalled in
7:37 pm
congress. >> ananna thank you very much. good to see you. a car bomb targeting the he headquarters where people gather to promote peace and at least 17 people are dead. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. pakistan. that attack happening outside an office for are antitaliban tribal elders near the afghan border. that the point no group is claiming responsibility but the pakistani taliban have carried out similar attacks in the region against so called peace committees who back security forces fighting off militants. italy. more than 400 african my grants rescued from a couple of boats in the water south of sicily. police first picking up more than 100 people as their overloaded dinghy started to sink. not long after a fisherman notice another small boat having trouble and called for
7:38 pm
help. china. opening night of the west lake international expo and suddenly a major mishap during the fireworks display. organizers saying they were shot off at a very low altitude and fell into the audience. at least 34 spectators injured. holland. wow. haven't seen one of these in awhile. -- poland. the rubik's cube championships underway now. 300 contestants for more than two dozen countries taking a crack at the brain finger puzzle. the winner to be announced tomorrow. that is a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> the search for a missing girl has now turned into the search for her killer. the latest on the tragic story out of colorado tonight as police try to find justice for jessica ridgeway. and a daring heist that has the feds scratching their heads. brand new $100 bills vanish on
7:39 pm
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the search for a missing 10-year-old colorado girl is now a hunt for her killer. after a week long effort to find jessica ridgeway police have identified the little girl's remains. her body discovered in a suburban denver park 10 miles from her home. we reported she disappeared on the way home from school, the only sign her backback left behind on a sidewalk not far from her house. now, police are shifting their focus to a mission of justice for jessica. dan springer is live outside the westminster police department in westminster colorado tonight. do police have any new solid leads? >> they are getting a lot of tips. 1500 tips as of yesterday but if they have any solid leads they are keeping them to themselves. we know that teleare throwing a
7:43 pm
lot of resources at this, local state and federal authorities. today about 100 cops come in for a briefing early this morning and then go out for a search. they focused on an area off highway 93 west of where jessica was kidnapped and her body found but came back a couple of hours ago empty handed. harris? >> what about the community and the response. all the volunteers first looking for her and now this. >> well, obviously yesterday it was shock and when she was taken it was shock. but now it is really morphed into anger, fear and grief. more than a thousand people for example today came out and were praying together and releasing baba loans. the city has set up a crisis center and there are are counselors working with kids at her school. a memorial has grown at the park down the street from where jessica lived with her mom and grandmother. neighbors also mourning her death and worried about a killer on the loose. >> show support and that we all
7:44 pm
care and you think that this could happen to anybody. it could be your child. just to show the family and everybody that we care and how far sorry we are. >> the fbi is also on the case and they have hinted that they believe the suspect probably either lives here currently or has close ties here. harris? >> dan springer live tonight from colorado. thank you very much. a boat loaded with bachelor partiers begins sinking in the san francisco bay. our top story on a fox trip across america. california. that boat carrying two dozen people when it began taking on water near alcatraz island. the coast guard reporting the 40-foot vessel hit an unknown object. the coast guard was nearby rescuing everybody on board. texas. a big rig hauling 50-pound bags of pinto beans goes off a
7:45 pm
driver. the driver not hurt. police say a blown tire likely caused the 18 wheeler to flip off the interstate and land on its side spilling, you guessed it, the beans. crews spent hours trying to lift the truck out of the embankment. pennsylvania. the fbi investigating after someone made off with an unknown amount of newly redesigned and still unreleased $100 bills. the feds saying the money was being shipped from dallas to the federal reserve bank near philadelphia. police want merchants who see the unusual looking new $100 bills to contact the fbi. back to california. and a san diego high school. 18-year-old ivan mendoza who has down's syndrome crowned home coming king during halftime in front of classmates. several of the school's star athletes withdrew from the voting so ivan could win the award they said he deserves. next thing for the new king the home coming dance this weekend. that is a fox watch across
7:46 pm
america. you heard a lot about the economy healthcare, foreign policy and so on and so forth during the vice presidential debate but you were also introduced to a family with connection to one of the presidential candidates. we learned who that family is and more about them and their story. you can see it next. plus, going with are no space shuttle has gone before. the streets of los angeles. watch out, drivers. if you see that thing in the rear view mirror, might want to get out of the way. ♪ i'm a man of means by no means, king of the road ♪ ♪ third box car midnight train ♪ ♪ destination bangor maine [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information...
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the space shuttle "endeavour" now just a few hours away from completing its final journey. destination the california science center in l.a.
7:50 pm
for the past couple of days the retired shuttle moving at a snail like pace toward its new home in los angeles. thousands gathering along the route to cheer the home coming of the city's newest tourist attraction. it is scheduled to arrive at the museum around midnight. "endeavour" was largely built in southern california and this shuttle flew 25 missions between 1992 and 2011. a new mexico dare devil sky diver hoping three is a charm in his next attempt to set a new and dangerous record tomorrow. if the weather cooperates, felix baumgartner will jump from a capsule suspended bay helium filled balloon 23 miles up in the air. the former australian paratrooper wants to break a 1960 high altitude parachuting record and becoming the first sky diver to break the sound barrier. talk about your goals. the jump has been postponed twice because of high winds. meteorologists say tomorrow's forecast is looking good. we will be he watching for
7:51 pm
that. we now now some 51 million people watched the debate between vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan and we h heard one of of them talk about a particular family in massachusetts. turns newt family has quite a story to -- turns out that family has quite a story to tell. >> reporter: sitting inside the same home, mitt romney and his family visited 17 years agorgeous the nixon family watched the vice presidential debate and were shocked to hear their names on the national stage. >> cheryl and mark nixon. their kids were hit in a car crash four of them, two of them rob and reid were paralyzed. the romneys didn't know them. they went to the same church. they never met before. mitt asked if he could come over on christmas and brought h his boys, his wife and gifts. >> electronics for myself and my brother rob and it was amazing. they stayed for a couple of hours setting it up and spent time. >> there were to cameras. no reporters. the only picture we took was
7:52 pm
the picture that of our families together. >> the nixon family needed some joy on that christmas eve in 1995. it was less than a year after that horrible accident that paralyzed the two boys. the tamly was leaving a church meeting when they crashed that day. the same mormon church the romney family belongs to but a different branch. when the romneys traveled more than an hour to spend a precious holiday with stranges at the time, the nixons felt some happiness after feeling so broke. >> you think about it, they could have done it any time of the year but they did it on christmas eve. >> and that wasn't it. the republican vp candidate tells the rest of the story. >> later on he said i know you are struggling mark. don't worry about their college i will pay for it. >> they basically ann and mitt gave us a blank check. >> they didn't end up using that check because reid got a finance degree from bentley university where his father works and rob went to brigham young on a scholarship.
7:53 pm
regardless, though, the nixons see it as an incredible gesture they will never forget. >> as far as he knew, he was offering what is a very generous and amazing that he was willing to do that. >> these are things that they do as a family that it is not done for political reasons or to get gain in other people's eyes. it is just because they cared. >> and that was taisha fernandez in boston reporting. this programming note for you. top on "fox news sunday" the latest reaction from both presidential campaigns. chris wallace will talk with davis axelrod and ed gillespie. check your local listings for times. watching the severe weather threat right now as a storm system barreling down on the
7:54 pm
nation's mid section. bringing with it damaging winds, heavy rain possible twisters in in all of this. maria molina will come back with an undate from the fox weather center, next. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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you fod a better way. that's logistics. that's margin. find out what else ups knows. i'll do that. you're on a roll. that's funny. i wasn't being funny, bob. i know. let's check back in on the severe storm system hitting our plains states. maria molina in the fox weather center. >> two brand new tornado warnings issued across the state of texas. one for young county in effect until 7:30 p.m. central time and one in effect for northeastern parts of lee county until 7:15 p.m. local time which is central time and basically what the warnings mean is there could currently be a tornado on the ground. again, that is lee and also young county across texas. we do also have a number of storms stretching across portions of the great lakes down into parts of missouri, oklahoma and texas. we he do have two tornado
7:58 pm
watches in effect across portions of texas, oklahoma into parts of the also missouri and arkansas. conditions continue to be favorable for more thunderstorms to possibly develop some tornadoes. we need to stay alert throughout the overnight hours at tornado threat continues in the plains. harris? >> thank you very much. we want to make people aware of news breaking just coming into the newsroom right now. what we are being told is that two u.s. navy vessels have collided off the eastern coast of the united states. it happened a couple of hours ago. the collision between the uss montpelier and the uss san jacinto occurred approximately 3:30 p.m. eastern daylight time. word just coming into the newsroom now. what we understand thankfully is there are no reports of any injuries aboard the two vessels. this is a u.s. navy submarine and we believe it is an aegis cruiser that have collided off the coast of the eastern portion of the united states at this hour.
7:59 pm
the personnel onboard are all accounted for. nobody injured. overall damage to both ships now being evaluated. this is coming in to the urgent cue from the newsroom that is what i'm getting this from. the propulsion plant of the submarine unaffected by the collision. both ships currently operating under their own power and now there is an investigation into the incident that might have caused this. both the is submarine and ship were conducting a routine training at the time of the accident. this word coming in to us. two u.s. navy vessels have collided off the eastern coast of the united states. we don't yet have an exact location but as we learn more here on fox news channel throughout the evening we will update you. that is how fox reports on this saturday night, october 13, 2012. i'm harris faulkner. thank you for watching. our saturday night here on the network is just getting started. i will see you with news updates and more on this breaking news story about the collision of these two u.s.


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